As a licensed and insured contractor, La Loma is a leader in sustainable design and green building that can take any new or existing structure to a more efficient, healthful, aesthetic and ecological level of service.  Some of the features we think set us apart include:

Savvy Design
We employ thorough ‘whole systems’ thinking in the design phase of any project, taking careful observations and consultation into our studio-lab of diverse expertise and experience.  Keeping the plans under one roof from proposal to finished product has immense benefit to efficiency, accuracy and quality in the build process, plus enabling tighter integration of otherwise ‘distinct’ components like hardscape, utilities, stylistic detail, inside/outside climatizing, and waste/recycling.

Artisanal Craft
La Loma will build at any scale with care and precision, balancing economy of materials and effort with environmental conscientiousness and lasting quality.  We source affordable green materials, often with recycled options, and sustainably harvested wood products when possible. Our capabilities cover the range from conventional framing and remodel to more complex engineering, elaborate custom works and exacting architectural traditions of our region such as Craftsman and Mission Revival.

Green Roofs and Walls
Green roofs boost a building’s energy efficiency and extend the roof’s life. The aesthetic effects can be dramatic or more subtle, blending with the surroundings. Practical benefits include indoor and outdoor climate moderation, lifetime cost savings, watershed and habitat improvement, and non-toxic materials. Green roofs and walls can incorporate a variety of plant types, including herbs or succulents, and can be placed in either sun or shade.

Earthen and Natural Materials Use
We have a team of experienced natural builders and designers familiar with several regionally appropriate techniques like adobe, cob, rammed earth, natural stone and roundwood.  From landscape features to large residences, these humble materials can be artfully assembled to out-perform more expensive and energy-intensive solutions, creating a space that is delightful, satisfying and timeless.  

Safe Finishes
Traditional adhesives, paints, coatings, and sealants often contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxins. These chemicals are harmful to health and leave a dangerous legacy. Thankfully, many replacements exist. La Loma uses a wide variety of low/zero-VOC treatments, and even simple natural finishes like vegetable oils, waxes and clay/lime plasters.