Environmental Planning & Engineering

Much of our work is undertaken with a vision of restoring ecological balance by reducing negative impacts on the envrionment and bolstering biodiversity. Approaching projects of broader scope and scale, a range of specific objectives are in reach.  From successfully restoring a degraded habitat to creating multi-use private or public spaces. Watershed enhancement, erosion control and permeable surfacing, greenways, ponds and wildlife corridors are also common themes for us, and are outlined in the following general categories:

Ecological Restoration
As a design + build firm that is grounded in the principles of ecological design and Permaculture, La Loma Development has a sound scientific understanding of ecological processes and can provide restoration plans that recognize biological opportunities and constraints. Although historical conditions may not always be replicated, we seek to reestablish stable havens of biodiversity that may ultimately anchor sweeping transitions.

Keyline Design
Using the natural filtration of plants and soils is one of the best ways to manage and treat storm-water runoff. La Loma Development designs and constructs terracing, swales and bio-retention ponds that can dramatically reduce pollutants and sediment in runoff. These systems provide local flood control, increase aesthetic appeal of streets and slopes, provide wildlife habitat, decrease the burden on municipal stormwater systems, improve soils and recharge groundwater.

Soils Assessment and Amendment
An important starting point for any cultivation work is analysing existing soil biology, chemistry and site geology. We can conduct appropriate testing and examinations to determine strategies for improvement and regeneration. The world underfoot is immensely complex and influential, with general goodwill for us when properly provided for.  Careful considerations taken early in a remediation or replanting effort can pay off indefinitely to the benefit of all concerned.  Likewise, unmindful missteps may lead to lasting difficulty.

Arlington Gardens "Arroyo" water catchment parkway.