Organic Gardening & Fine Maintenance

La Loma recognized the deleterious effects that conventional gardening practices has on the environment.  By applying the principles of ecology to garden systems we create sustainable green spaces that can that function as food sources, gathering places, and a tranquil habitat for you, your family and even your community.  Our designs include organic alternatives, integrated pest management, water harvesting, and long term soil building, which eliminates the need for toxic pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.  We use low-emission mowers and blowers when necessary and maintain a strong knowledge of native, drought-tolerant, and edible plants, and look forward to creating a garden for you and your family to enjoy throughout the seasons.

Marco Barrantes prunes wine grapes at a client's front yard garden
  • Young Tomatoes
  • La Loma staffer Ari Robles
  • Young Grapes
  • African Perennial Basil
  • La Loma staffer Jeremy Wang
  • maintenance