Sustainable Landscaping

Over the last 40 years, the popularity of “sustainable landscaping” has grown by leaps and bounds. Every day more gardens are filled with native, drought tolerant, and edible plants.  By choosing plants that are easy to maintain, use few resources, and offer multiple benefits we are creating landscapes that are not only beautiful but also exist in harmony with the surrounding environment.  La Loma has over a dozen years of experience creating sustainable and ecologically sound landscapes and looks forward to meeting our clients' needs.

Save money, Save time, Reduce waste!
Maintaining a turf lawn with conventiolandscape in Southern California requires many different inputs: time, money, labor, water, chemicals, and fertilizers. Maintaining these landscapes also creates negative outputs: plant cuttings, run-off from inefficient irrigation, and pollution from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Most homeowners would love to reduce the costs, both economic and environmental, of maintaining the landscapes around their homes. Sustainable design minimizes landscaping inputs and outputs, saves time and money and creates beautiful outdoor spaces that are environmentally responsible.

Drought Tolerant & Beautiful: Together at Last
One of the first images that come to people’s minds when they imagine drought-tolerant landscapes is a dry barren landscape. This unappealing image is far from the only option when it comes to sustainable design and at La Loma we provide our clients with many choices to create beautiful, resource-conserving Meditteranean inspired landscapes. By using plants with varied leaf, flower color and texture, and plants with different growth habits including edible and ornamental trees, and other design accents we create lush, interesting, engaging landscapes. These outdoor spaces are not meant to be simply be observed from a distance, rather, they are meant to be experienced hands-on. Your senses will be delighted by these “California Paradise Gardens” from smelling fragrant lavender, eating nasturtium flowers, touching baby soft lamb’s ear, and enjoying a vista of colorful flowers.

Function & Style: The Best of Both Worlds
In addition to their beauty, sustainable landscapes are also functional. From attracting wildlife, to erosion control on a hillside, to helping regulate the indoor temperature in our hottest inland regions, the landscape around your home can have a number of purposes. At La Loma, we work with clients to carefully design landscapes to maximize this utility.


Earthbag or Superadobe planters covered with stucco
  • Additional perennials were used to fill in the area behind the earthbag planter