Water Harvesting and Catchment

Rain and runoff waters are a rich resource to this region, and are excruciatingly underutilized in nearly all home and landscape environments. Rain catchment systems have been a hallmark of advanced 'off-grid' and permaculture designs for several years, but are just now carrying over into conventional distribution. Municipalities' growing concerns with water shortage and wasted/harmful runoff are quickly turning the tables to encourage, and potentially require, this previously 'eccentric' practice. The most basic strategies direct water streams from roofs and ground surface into swales, basins, and other infiltration routes to recharge ground water.  Alternatively, water can be collected for storage in diverse container systems that allow on-demand usage year-round. Home scale systems can be designed to fit in and around existing landscape and structures, and with custom connectivity for irrigation, water features, and even tapwater.

Rainwater contains naturally high levels of nitrogen for plants, and of course no chlorination!  Sediment and other contaminants can be diverted or filtered, leaving water that is the definition of 'clean enough to drink'. Most common roof types can be adapted, or even ground-based collection via natural drainage. The potential for 7,000-10,000 gallons per 1,000 square feet of area per year quickly adds up to an amazing asset for your home or garden!  High volume storage is the key in this region, in order to preserve significant winter precipitation for use in the long dry summers. We have been experimenting with several means of accomplishing this without sacrificing inordinate space, cost or aesthetic value.  Please contact us if you want to be an 'early adopter', or just to discuss the options that may apply to your situation.